Business Consultant vs Coach: There's a Difference?

I guess it's pointless to tell a small business owner they should go ahead and hire a consultant, if they don't first know what a consultant actually does. And, what if I threw in a real curve ball and said to hire a small business coach? Do they sound like the same thing to you? Sure they do, but they're not (shockingly), so let's go over how each can help your company out.

A business consultant helps a client with:

-Creating or reviving a business

-Business analysis/objectivity

-Problem solving/brainstorming


-Strategizing/strategic thinking

-Business skill development

-Teaching & training staff

-Weeding out the wrong employees

In a nut shell, whether your focus is to create a marketing plan, comapny branding, or a new business model (to name a few), a business consultant will analyze your company's strenghts and weaknesses, provide valuable advice and brainstorming sessions, teach you and/or your employees the skills needed to succeed, and develop an all-important plan that will hopefully lead to future growth and success!

A business coach helps a client with:

-Personal development

-Negative behaviors (like self-sabotaging)

-Time management

-Seeking clarity

Still confused? The main difference between a business consultant and a business coach is that a coach doesn't focus on giving advice for the overall success of the company. Instead, a coach helps a client make changes within themselves. Clear enough? So, if you feel as if your own personal behaviors need some tweeking to benefit your overall position within the business, it may be time to seek out a business coach.

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